And now… 50 more Countries:

Maksym Lysak, Yu-Hsin Weng, Cheyuan Li & Ahmed Seddik  standing in front of  a large world map

Max, Yu-Hsin, Lee & Ahmed

Ahmed Seddik, Yu-Hsin Weng & Cheyuan Li and Maksym Lysak

#51. Cairo, Egypt – Ahmed
(2) Taipei, Taiwan – Yu-Hsin & Lee
(49) Lviv, Ukraine – Max
March ’16

Abdoulaye Sane, Glenn Zucman & Terry Choi stand in front of a large world map. Abdoulaye wears a Laker jersey with #24, Kobe Bryant, Glenn wears a black t-shirt, and Terry wears a white t-shirt with the Syrian flag on it

Abdoulaye, Glenn & Terry

Abdoulaye Sane & Terry Choi

#52. Dakar, Senegal – Abdoulaye
(25) Tokyo, Japan – Terry
March ’16

Abdoulaye is one of fourteen brothers and sisters! (10 boys & 4 girls). Terry was born in Korea and has lived in so many countries he wasn’t quite sure where to call home or where to put his pin in the map. He went with Tokyo. It was pretty cool to have a guy from Japan/Korea and a guy from Central Africa sit in my living room and hear them converse with each other in fluent French.

4 people standing in front of a large world map

Alexis, Yulia, Marta & Samuel

Yulia Grenaderova, Marta Troya, Alexis Capt & Samuel Benketaf

(17) Moscow, Russia – Yulia
(10) Málaga, Spain – Marta
#53. Genève, Switzerland – Alexis
#53. Valeyres-sous-Ursins, Switzerland – Samuel
April ’16

Michael & Maya from Croatia standing in front of a large world map

Michael & Maya

Michael & Maya Stepanić

#54. Zagreb, Croatia
April ’16

Ada, Joey & Kevin from Mayaysia standing in front of a large world map

Ada, Joey & Kevin

Joey Kok, Kevin & Ada Chua

(6) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
April ’16

Great adventures with Yulia, Marta, Alexis & Samuel, and Michael & Maya and Joey, Kevin & Ada! Here are a few links:

Quentin, Gaston, Tamara, Claire. Paul, Xiaoyan & Andy

Quentin, Gaston, Tamara, Claire, Paul, Xiaoyan & Andy

Quentin Lenoir, Gaston & Claire. Tamara Williams. Xiaoyan & Julia. Daniel Ravarotto. Paul Abner & Andy Rumsey.

(12) Caen, France – Quentin, Gaston, Claire
(9) Goeppingen, Germany – Tamara
(36) Chongqing, China – Xiaoyan & Julia
(30) Resistencia, ArgentinaDaniel
(0) Spokane, Washington – Paul & Andy
May ’16

Tamara WIlliams & Frederico Rodriguez

Tamara & Freddy

Freddy Rodriguez

#55. Ciudad de la Costa, Uruguay
May ’16

Christof and Paulina from Germany and Sarah Weber from Luxembourg

Christof, Sarah & Paulina

Christof, Sarah & Paulina

#56. Mertert, Luxembourg – Sarah Weber
(9) Bremerhaven, Germany – Christof Heck & Paulina Smigalski
May ’16

Kamal, Puja & Dharma from Nepal

Kamal, Puja & Dharma

Kamal, Dharma & Puja

#57. Tokha, Nepal
June ’16

Rebecca Nguyen from Canada with Iona & Danielle from Scotland

Rebecca, Iona & Danielle

Rebecca, Iona & Danielle

#58. Glasgow, Scotland – Iona Murphy & Danielle Moran
(36) Toronto, Canada – Rebecca Nguyen
June ’16

Pepa from Spain, Paulo from Portugal and Glenn from California in front of a large world map

Pepa, Paulo & Glenn

Paulo & Pepa

(10) Cádiz, Spain – Pepa
(24) Lisbon, Portugal – Paulo

Mihir Kathpalia and Allison Bouganim dressed in black and standing in front of a large world map

Mihir & Allison

Mihir Kathpalia & Allison Bouganim

#59. Pune, India – Mihir
(0) Miami, Florida – Allison
December ’16

So Far

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