Glenn Zucman and Angie Mattson sit across a table discussing her work

Strange Angels

Index of Strange Angels radio broadcasts on KBeach Radio

photo of tents on a Los Angeles freeway overpass

Yes on Measure H – Vote March 7!

Please vote on March 7th. Measure H is a real chance to address homelessness & mental health in Los Angeles. But it needs a 2/3 Yes vote to pass.

crew calisthenics

Nikkor 35mm f1.8 @NAC

I just bought a new Nikkor AF-S 35mm f1.8 G ED lens for my d750 camera. I took it with me down to the Newport Aquatic Center and shot a few frames with it.

DEAD Memories: Chris Peterson & Rick Feck

Once upon a time I was a Disneyland Art Director. Chris Peterson & Rick Feck were the best, and most resourceful, assistants you could ever wish for.

Clare Graham

Disneyland Entertainment Art Department (D.E.A.D.) Memories

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride: 5 years of work condensed into one phone call to get hired. It’s a DEAD Man’s Party!

Video frame of Monica Lewinsky raising her hand to be sworn in for testimony. The frame has the date 02-01-99 burned into it.

SA44 Monica Lewinsky & Linda Tripp

Melissa Lawson and Kara Revel performing the Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp tapes. Strange Angels #44. KBeach Radio.

Glenn, Wendy, Meg & Myth in conversation in a small living room in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: an audio postcard

Meet me in Hong Kong! Listen to cicadas & the subway lady. Ride under Victoria Harbour! Chat with artist Stanley Wong at Starbucks.

Color photo of Debbie Green-Vargas in her Team USA #10 warm-up jacket

Debbie Green, Nicole & Dana Vargas

A conversation with the first family of setting: Debbie Green-Vargas, Nicole Vargas, & Dana Vargas.

a "hello my name is" name tag, with the box being filled by the words "New Media"

New Media

The thing I love about New Media is that it’s new! MMORPG’s like Facebook, Chatroulette or Final Fantasy are sites for social production.

Collage of people born in 1955


A bunch of peeps born in the same year. How cool. Next time maybe I should find some less famous.

  • a table filled with foods and several people preparing them

    Screaming Kids!

    Love ’em or hate ’em, no one can deny that Screaming Kids make a big impact. Here’s some recent samples from Perez parties.

  • photograph of an elegant book showing code to generate a Fibonacci sequence

    Websites are Paintings

    Code is Poetry. Websites are Paintings. I love Websites, so let’s fork the WordPress footer to advance the art of cyberspace!

  • Garmin training log showing course around Newport Harabor

    Philippe’s Loop

    I tried Philippe Boccara’s loop around Linda Island in Newport Harbor. It’s a 0.8 mile loop that he does in 6 minutes. Or about 7:20 for me.

  • A candle and a cookie on a small shelf

    Anni Uhlemayr

    I never met Anni Uhlemayr (1929-2015) but I think I saw a little bit of her in the person that her granddaughter Stefanie has become.

  • Elena "hugging" a 10-foot wide map of the world

    EU Confab @Casa Glenn

    Adventures with Elena, Carl, Maria, Antonio, Isnaya & Fabio, from Poland, Sweden & Italy. Why limit it to just one CouchSurfer at a time?

  • detail view of a Scientology "Oxford Capacity Analysis"

    CouchSurf Scientology

    Elena & Larra actually had the nerve to walk into the Scientology, Hollywood building and they got cool personality charts!

  • Photo of a WalMart rack showing $30 and $40 plans for phone, text, and data service

    Tips for Travelers

    Here’s 4 “tips” and 6 “places” that might make your visit to Los Angeles even awesomer! Welcome & have a great time!

  • Placing a map tack in a 10' wide National Geographic 2015 map of the world

    100 Countries!

    I’ve started a “100 Countries” project, to invite travelers from 100 countries into my home. Yen Li & Maggie from Malaysia arrived today!

  • Vintage photo of Sheila Zucman holding Glenn Zucman on the day of his birth at Kaiser Hospital on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.


    Outline for my talk “Sustainable WordPress” at WordCampLA ’15. What are the chances your grandchildren will be able to read your blog?

  • Flash photo of two women on a small dock in Long Beach with the Queen Mary in the distance behind them

    Sara & Marta

    When Sara & Marta from Poland asked to CouchSurf at my place they didn’t imagine living a George Carlin monologue!

  • Photo of the 5 of us standing in front of my house around 8 or 9 in the morning

    Akos Csenge Denes Eszter

    6 years after signing up at I actually hosted someone! Akos, Csenge, Denes & Eszter! Students from Budapest.

  • kids in a bounce

    Uh, Aqualung?

    When you mix Jason’s rum drinks with a keiki bounce, a wild boar, and a lot of acrylic paint, you never know what y’er gonna get!

  • screencap of Blab streaming video app. Shows 4 video frames with chat on sidebar

    Blab is so August!

    Blab is the king of Interviews, Conversations & Group Discussion. Periscope’s the queen of Lifecasting, Travelogues & Tutorials.

  • image of a woman dressed in dark purple with green accents giving a 3-finger symbol to the camera

    Sustainable WordPress

    WordPress the platform is solid and sustainable. But what about your WordPress blog? Will it still be there if you stop looking?

  • installation of "chop wheels" on the bank of a finger of the south fork of the Kaweah River in Three Rivers, CA


    When I arrived at his house in Three Rivers, CA, Mike gave me a stack of used Chop Saw Wheels and invited me to make something.