Glenn Zucman and Angie Mattson sit across a table discussing her work

Strange Angels

Index of Strange Angels radio broadcasts on KBeach Radio

photo of tents on a Los Angeles freeway overpass

Yes on Measure H – Vote March 7!

Please vote on March 7th. Measure H is a real chance to address homelessness & mental health in Los Angeles. But it needs a 2/3 Yes vote to pass.

crew calisthenics

Nikkor 35mm f1.8 @NAC

I just bought a new Nikkor AF-S 35mm f1.8 G ED lens for my d750 camera. I took it with me down to the Newport Aquatic Center and shot a few frames with it.

DEAD Memories: Chris Peterson & Rick Feck

Once upon a time I was a Disneyland Art Director. Chris Peterson & Rick Feck were the best, and most resourceful, assistants you could ever wish for.

Clare Graham

Disneyland Entertainment Art Department (D.E.A.D.) Memories

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride: 5 years of work condensed into one phone call to get hired. It’s a DEAD Man’s Party!

Video frame of Monica Lewinsky raising her hand to be sworn in for testimony. The frame has the date 02-01-99 burned into it.

SA44 Monica Lewinsky & Linda Tripp

Melissa Lawson and Kara Revel performing the Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp tapes. Strange Angels #44. KBeach Radio.

Glenn, Wendy, Meg & Myth in conversation in a small living room in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: an audio postcard

Meet me in Hong Kong! Listen to cicadas & the subway lady. Ride under Victoria Harbour! Chat with artist Stanley Wong at Starbucks.

Color photo of Debbie Green-Vargas in her Team USA #10 warm-up jacket

Debbie Green, Nicole & Dana Vargas

A conversation with the first family of setting: Debbie Green-Vargas, Nicole Vargas, & Dana Vargas.

a "hello my name is" name tag, with the box being filled by the words "New Media"

New Media

The thing I love about New Media is that it’s new! MMORPG’s like Facebook, Chatroulette or Final Fantasy are sites for social production.

Collage of people born in 1955


A bunch of peeps born in the same year. How cool. Next time maybe I should find some less famous.

  • Amanda Oleander smiling and surrounded by art auction attendees who are doing various activities with their phones

    Amanda Oleander

    Artist and Periscope personality Amanda Oleander held the “Artiscope” auction at Seasons 52 in Santa Monica tonight.

  • Sketches by Mike Perez detailing construction plans for "Polyhedronomics: derivatives of the regular Platonic solids in disguise. A series of 5 sculptures using one of the regular Platonic solids as the beginning framework of each piece."

    Platonic Solids

    My cousin, Mike Perez, is working on a new series of steel sculptures of the Platonic Solids, “Platonic Solids in Disguise”.

  • Signs in Three Rivers

    I spent the weekend at my cousin Mike’s place in Three Rivers, CA. I took a few pictures of Signs in Three Rivers while out walking.

  • photo of a Drag Queen in front of a poster in "Facebook Blue" that reads "Performers are people too"

    Cyberspace Magna Carta

    Proposal for “Cyberspace Magna Carta” an interactive performance panel for TFAP@CAA 2016, Washington, DC.

  • Photo of DeAnne Hemmens

    Fenn Kayaks

    I tried a couple of Fenn Surf Skis on Saturday. The Swordfish & The Bluefin. Next to try, the Mako XT trainer.

  • poster for documentary film about Aaron Swartz, The Internet's Own Boy

    Internet Documentaries

    The Internet’s Own Boy about Aaron Swartz and Citizen Four about Edward Snowden – the most important films of 2014.

  • photo of a surf ski in an ocean swell

    Rich Sprout

    Rich Sprout paddles a surf ski over a large wave at The Wedge in Newport Beach. A large wave.

  • triptych of images. Right and left are dry brush, and center is colorful bougainvillea

    Hey   Pssst   Hey You …

    Contrast. Is the universe trying to tell me something? Three chance encounters in a single day.

  • photo of a tiny circuit board on a wrist band lighting up a series of LEDs going around the wearer's wrist. Image is of a demo prototype and includes alligator clips connecting the electronics.

    Matt Terndrup

    Charmy and I met Matt Terndrup at Wearable Tech LA. He’s just gotten hired to write for Hack A Day.

  • Charmy Chu at Wearable Tech LA

    Wearable Tech LA

    Twitter Live Blog of Wearable Tech LA at Pasadena Convention Center.

  • Members of Teams Allia, Compass H2O & Emoty from Media Design Practice's Extreme Wearables Designathon, relaxing after presenting their work at Wearable Tech LA at the Pasadena Convention Center on July 17, 2014

    Hello Extreme Wearable World

    Hello World! Charmy, Sharon & I were talking about extending our XWD weekend community into an ongoing conversation.