triptych of images. Right and left are dry brush, and center is colorful bougainvillea

Is the Universe trying to tell me something?

“Hey”  “Pssst”  “Hey You!” – The Universe

After the third time stumbling upon a striking scene of contrast in nature (all in one day), I finally decoded the message:  I’m supposed to stand out from the crowd.  It’s OK if I go my own way…there’s no need to blend in.  

So here I come world.  I am the red in a group of grey, the white in a pack of pink and the fluorescent blue in a bundle of beige.

Written by Rachel Kornak

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Glenn Zucman

You know, we humans don’t get to hang around the universe as long as glaciers & galaxies, but I think at our best we’re the incredible blossom on the myriad branches and roots of that night blooming cactus in the desert. We might only live for a night, but what a night!

I also think “genius” is finding the right amount of different: too little we call predictable, too much we call crazy, but just right, and we shower you with words like genius and inspired.

Thanks for joining us here at iRs Rachel! I love that your metaphysical meditation also connects to your GIS work – very smart. Inspired even! A bunch of us met Rachel at WTLA. She’s at Penn State & USC. Rachel


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