Charmy Chu at Wearable Tech LA at the Pasadena Convention Center on Thursday July 17, 2014.

Want a pen? – Charmy Chu

Wearable Tech LA (WTLA) was today at the Pasadena Convention Center. I live blogged WTLA on Twitter. Here are my posts:

In addition to a long list of speakers, the 3 winning teams from Extreme Wearables Designathon (XWD) 2 weeks ago also presented their wearables.

Attendee at Wearable Tech LA at the Pasadena Convention Center wears Compass H2O and a big smile

Compass H2O

presented right before my own team, Compass H2O, so Joseph & I were a little focused & I unfortunately didn’t take photos of their presentation. But I did learn that they made whole new protypes since XWD! They got smaller and even more elegant. Like fine jewelry!

Compass H2O
It felt like Joseph and I gave a pretty nice presentation of Compass H2O’s work.

gave another impressive presentation. I think this one might have been even better than their 1st presentation!

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